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Diane & Mark Green-Leaders in Customized Real Estate

Diane & Mark Green-Leaders in Customized Real Estate

Whether you’re a home buyer, seller, starting a new construction project, or an investor real estate: As a Team, Diane & Mark Green have more than 30 years experience, knowledge, social media skills, and marketing skills to assist in virtually any type of real estate endeavor.

Diane and Mark are dedicated to help you or someone you know with buying or selling a home.


Call Diane and Mark Green, “Lifestyle Advisors”


My father passed away the first of the year. As trustee, I had the responsibility of selling his home. My husband had met Diane approximately six to eight months earlier at an open house she had in our area. He was very impressed with her knowledge of the area and her overall real estate experience. He told me that whenever we sell any of our properties, he wanted to go with Diane. My husband passed away five months after my dad. As per my husband’s wishes, I contacted Diane. She listed, market…
Family Agent Forever!!!